Yoni porutham in astrology

யோனி பொருத்தம் விளக்கம் - Yoni Porutham in tamil

Yoni porutham will determine sexual compatibility between bride and groom. I think,when the Boy and the Girl are confident that they can live together with a mutual care for each other, there is no sense in looking into the Horoscopes.

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You have to admit that even in arranged marriages which are performed after due Horoscopes Matching, there are some cases where the marriages fail or something untoward happens after the marriage, beyond the knowledge of people making the matching process. In such cases, we throw the blame on fate and accept it.

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Love affair is a matter of emotional bondage. That will seriously hurt the feelings and even make them psychologically upset or un-balanced of both if any obstacle to put across it in the name of horoscopes matching.

If a marriage is likely to fail for one reason or the other in a love affair — it is equally a chance in a marriage performed after due horoscopes matching also. Community Forums Pleas Help..

Punarpoosam and Aayilyam are cats. Hence, they are not matching. All other stars can be matched as per yoni porutham rules. But, this is just one of the poruthams, where you have to check and compare the other 10 poruthams, before you make a decision on tying the knot.

Is there any remedy for yoni porutham? As you know, yoni is just one of the poruthams, If one porutham does not match, if other important poruthams match, people do go ahead with the marriage. As per this match each and every star is identified as an animal.

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Yoni Porutham in Marriage

This match is not fulfilled if there is a enemity between the yoni animals. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Open in app. Notification Center. Marriage as per Hindu tradition is advised only after matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom so that they live a compatible and happy life.

Topic: How important is yoni porutham

The Vedic astrology advises considers Kundali matching very important for this purpose. Kundali has 8 categories known as Kootas or Koots. In turn they have 36 Guns or Ganas which have to be matched for the bride and the groom.

10 Matches are:

This system of horoscope matching as per the Vedic astrology system is also termed as Ashta Koota Milan.